About LUnix

LUnix (little UNIX), a new and perhaps better operating system for the (raw) C64.

The LUnix-system is a mixture of some more or less good ideas put together to get some experience in how a multitasking OS works. I never intended to create a "real" UNIX for our little commie, i just want to have some fun showing LUnix to 16/32 or 64-Bit-People. Because of this, and a lack of experiences in writing operating systems LUnix is very simple and in some cases "dirty". But i think that makes it sooo nice :-)

[ Logo of LUnix v0.8 ]The next generation of LUnix is comming ! Check it out !

You can download this Icon to make a link to this page ("http://lng.sourceforge.net/") :-).

Mailing list

The mailing list i have started is gone, it is replaced by the mailing list at SourceForge. If you're interrested in LUnix, please join the LUnix mailing list at SoureForge!

Here are the members of the old list.

Some other great (because UNIX-like) OSs :

Some of these OSs have a *very* well done structure, much better than the one of LUnix. So i'm very happy to see them growing and look forward to some first C64-demo versions! By the way, some of the above LINKs are copied from MJKs page (HiHo!)

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