(Little Unix for C64)

HOW-TO create a working LUnix Disk

LUnix is a real operating system for C64, multiuser and multitasking, written by Daniel Dallmann .

It is downloadable at the following address: LUnix - The Next Generation .

If you use DOS/Windows dowload binary version.

There are several versions of the program, download always the last release.

Please refer to the document HOW-TO trasfer a file from PC to C64 to know how I did it...

The LUnix package includes the main modules and several applications similar to the "real" UNIX, such as L/LS, PS, KILL, UUENCODE, UUDECODE. It includes also a teminal program and modules for TCP/IP.

Switch on all system and insert the floppy containing LUnix onto the drive unit. From this moment we will suppose that the identification number of the unit is "8".

The package is self-extracting, so the first thing to do is to decompress the file downloaded from internet.

First verify the name of the file looking for it in the directory:

LOAD "$",8


Now load the file (the name of the file may change).

LOAD "filename",8


Now the file will self-exctract itself, you will see the names of the files just processed. These files will be saved onto the floppy drive; After few minutes the process will end.

It is now possible to delete the compressed file, refer to official O&M manual of the drive to find the command. Do it to save disk space, as you well know the disk can store up to 170Kbyte.

Ready ? Let's boot LUnix ! The boot sequence consist of two phases, first phase load a little program called "loader" Remember first to reset the C64 to free its memory, then type:


After few seconds type:


The second phase loads the real kernel. At the end of the process LUnix will show a Welcome message, ending with a dot prompt "." .


Load the LUnix shell with the command:

L sh

Let's now practice a little with commands... do not forget:


Claudio Parmigiani, IW2FER