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Updated: Sep 10 2004

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Download the current sourcecode including the cross development system, directly access the CVS development tree, download daily snapshots, join the LNG community at SourceForge!

About LNG

LNG is an operationg system primarly for the good old Commodore64 home-computer. There also is a native version for the successor Commodore128. Ports to other 6502/6510 driven 8Bit Computers are possible but not yet started. LUnix started in 1993 and reached the internet in 1994. In 1997 LUnix0.1 was rewritten from scratch, the result is LNG.

News history of LUnix/LNG

Some of LNG's key features (unordered)

Some Screenshots

Hints and Dokumentation

Precompiled binaries

Old stable C64 and C128 versions
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Download nightly CVS snapshot

As a developer you might want to download a up-to-date CVS snapshot of the development tree. You can do so by using the "Download Your Nightly CVS Tree Tarball" service of sourcefore:
Note: this is CVS repository snapshot. You have to extract it to local CVSROOT and do cvs checkout lng locally.
More or less current sources snapshots can be found here:

Join the project!

Everybody is welcome to contribute the the project, please visit the project's page at SourceForge and take part of the discussion.

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